Who We Are

Art Vision brings together more than one important field in terms of design. We import,supply and install a group of distinguished materials currently used in the field of design. These materials are corian and Compact. Art Vision is one of the first companies to import and supply these raw materials from the best international companies manufacturing them, which is Hanex and GreenLam Company, and that is what made us have long experience in this field. In addition to that the company is innovative in another field which is the field of interior design for homes, offices and companies, because of our internal design department, which is made up of a group of the most qualified internal engineers who are able to help you in designing any new place or re-design. We are creative in using the information, expertise and tools that we have to give an artistic vision to any site due to the distinctive materials and ingenious

  • We import our materials from the best companies, and this is what makes our materials of high quality
  • Our materials are available in many colors and shapes
  • We have sufficient knowledge to use the materials
  • We have an excellent workforce to manufacture our various products We make sure that the interior design team is highly experienced and efficient
  • To be the best company in supplying Corian and Compact in the Middle East We supply Corian and Compact to more companies
  • Our interiors become world-class fashions
  • Our artistic vision reaches all our customersʼ


Corian® Forming

Corian® comprises of a blend of normal materials and  mechanical materials such  as  aluminum and methyl methacrylate in expansion to a few components that grant Corian excellence and quality

HPL Compact

Also called Formica, it is a kind of compressed plywood. Compact HPL consists of layers of kraft paper core and Covered from both directions with a colored outer layer soaked with melamine resins.